The Design [ Matter ] Podcast is a platform to showcase young designers, artists and every kind of creative out there to speak about what's happening in their businesses and lives and really what gives them the drive to continue.


In  Episode 1, Chad Petersen, Managing Director at Research Unit and I chat about Research Unit [ Studio ], the business, the bag and leather industry and the difficulties we face during this time. We highlight this new platform for all our fans, listeners and viewers to comment and engage in a positive, creative way so we all can have our voices heard. 

Episode 1 

Lets Go!


Today we chat to our very first guest, Gary  Cotterell. He takes us on his journey of his career in Media, enduring mistakes and trails in his life and also how we came to be friends since 2012. 

We also chat about the Rorke's Drift Community, the rich history and significance of the weaving community in the KZN Midlands, South Africa and what they need to continue the work they do and how we can help by creating something functional with the carpets and bring the vibe back to life. 

Thank You to Gary who took the time out of his busy schedule to spend the morning with us and for your positivity during this crazy time. 

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Today, Chad and Erin-Lee are back on the Podcast, Episode 3, answering some of your questions and discussing our next collection and it not being seasonal and how other designers have opted to do the same, after the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

We would love to hear more from our listeners, so please ask us questions and get involved.

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Today we have one of our very best friends in studio with us, a well put together young man, highly sophisticated, extremely disciplined and very good looking man and all this speaks through his clothing, He is recognized for combining contrasting materials and textures in innovative silhouettes to create considered pieces. His work has been featured on many Media Platforms, and been recognized by Vogue Italia, Nataal and ID, being some of the more prominent ones. The Design Matter Podcast is honoured to have Lukhanyo Mdingi on Episode 4 

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Today, Episode 5 is about running a business as a South African Woman of colour, the Stigma that goes with it and being marginalised by others in the industry.  Chad makes me a bit emotional as he gets to talking to guys about how women should be treated and the respect and support one has to show to women so they can be empowered. Gender Equality is a also big on today's podcast.  We highlight the 2030 Up! Women's Entrepreneurial Program of which 100% of the profits of our New Solidarity T-Shirts will be donated to help empower black women small businesses in South Africa. The T-Shirt is available for pre-order at 

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Life Strategist and Toast Masters Achiever chats to us about the development of wealth, life coaching and how to become the best at what you do. 

Chad and I chat to Nigel Petersen about his influence on Chad himself and how it pulled on his now design career. We also chat Financial advising and the harder part of running a business and how his help over the years has influenced us to keep pressing on. 

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This week, Chad and I talk about how we came up the idea of beginning our new RU IN A BOX journey. Why it is important to pivot during this time and always think different. 

Has Covid been a struggle for us as a brand and personally, definitely, but it has made us push past the negative thoughts and anxiety and think about how many communities we can help by starting the box. 

We hope you enjoy today's episode and please join the movement. 



On todays episode, we chat to two inspiring women entrepreneurs, Patti and Riz who began Espadril. They took the plunge a few years back to start a business after working in high-end retail and discovering their truth. Seeking advice, they went into the famous holiday shoes, notorious for being Spanish, but realised that completing them in Africa would help to provide jobs and skills and bring back the hand-made nature once only done in Spain. Be inspired by a business who has to decided to pivot their way out of Covid and create something special every time.

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On Episode 9 of Design [ Matter ] Podcast, we chat about technology and how it is shaping industries, the introduction of Nueralink by Elon Musk and being ready for tech that connects your brain.  How Augmented reality is shaping the gaming industry to the Fashion industry,  AI and so much more. This is an interesting one. 

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Season Finale S1EP10

Today, we chat to an amazing and inspiring women who began her career at a very young age and later progressed into her mainstream business, now very successful. She has gone from strength to strength, endured countless challenges along the way and is still so positive, full of energy and love. It was a beautiful convo and we couldn't wait to share it with you. 

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